Faisel Tajiran: At a Glance


Professional Experience






University of Houston - M.B.A. 2015

University of Houston - B.B.A. Finance 2010

Areas of Expertise

    • Digital Marketing100%
    • Web Development90%
    • Information Technology65%


Google Ads

Google Analytics IQ

Google Digital Garage & IAB - Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

Amazon Advertising: Sponsored Ads

Meta (Facebook) Certified Marketing Strategy Professional


Previous Projects


It all began in 1999 when I moved to Houston from Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Knowing no one at all in 8th grade, I began learning how to build computers on my own and selling them at age 13. Soon I began teaching myself graphic & web design at a young age, before beginning my B.B.A. in Finance at University of Houston. While studying there, I began realizing my affinity towards Digital Marketing while doing my electives. Soon after, I began learning the basics of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) while preparing to get certified in Google Ads.

5 Years after completing my Bachelors, I decided to return to University of Houston to get my Masters in Business Administration. This time, I had a focus on Digital Marketing courses. It became evident that I finally found my true calling: Assisting small businesses establish their place on the map (both figuratively and literally).

I am an entrepreneur at heart and have a passion for tying the knot between technology and digital marketing for small to medium businesses.

Major Accomplishments

Major Accomplishments

2010: Complete Digital Transformation.

  • Complete Website Re-design
  • Digitization of all forms with PCI Compliance
  • Setup and monitor Google Analytics
  • Implement Google Ads Search strategy for brand awareness
  • Generate Average Annual E-mail Marketing Revenue for Member Renewals: $250,000
  • Improve Membership satisfaction by 90%
  • Re-design Member Portal and improve UX (user experience)
  • Implement Tidio chat bot to improve customer service
  • Setup all office Networking devices using Ubiquiti Routers
  • Setup & Provision VOIP system using Polycom phone system
  • Advise on all technical equipment purchasing and upgrades
  • Technical training for all staff on all software and business processes
  • Troubleshooting for all employees and members virtually using remote desktop (TeamViewer)

2018: Complete Digital Strategy

  • Design website
  • Perform all Copy-Writing
  • Implement E-Commerce functionality using Wordpress & Woo-Commerce
  • Implement Tidio chat-bot to improve customer service
  • Implement CRM system for Home Remodel services using Jobber Application
  • Landing Page Optimization & A/B Testing with Leadpages
  • Creation & Administration of Facebook Page
  • Design all Facebook Ad Copy & conduct A/B Testing
  • Strategize Facebook Lead Generation averaging in 25 leads per week
  • Automate text message to new Leads via Zapier by using Facebook & BurstSMS API trigger to text New Leads a Consultation Booking Form to improve conversion rate
  • Establishing business listing on Google My Business
  • Setup and monitor Google Analytics KPIs in order to constantly improve landing page experience

2020: Complete Digital Strategy

  • Complete Customization of RE/MAX Broker Website
  • Implement CRM with API trigger: form submission to create new contact in ActiveCampaign plus SMS designated stakeholders.
  • Design marketing flyers for office agents

2021: Website Redesign & Facebook Marketing Campaign

  • Landing Page Design for Roof Replacement
  • Develop & Implement creative campaign for Facebook Ads.
  • Generated over 75 leads in the first 60 days of campaign implementation.
  • Average cost per lead $23.39.
  • Revenue from campaign over $120,000.
  • ROAS approximately 5000%

Whether it's Web Development or Digital Marketing, I’d love to assist you.

    Contact Me: 832-928-1561